Epson X Investment Corporation

– TOKYO, Japan, December 16, 2022 –

Epson X Investment Corporation (“EXI”) today announced that it has decided to invest in Cellid Inc. (“Cellid”), a Japan-based startup engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of spatial recognition software and other products, by subscribing to Cellid’s third-party allotment of new shares. The investment will be made through EP-GB L.P., a fund which EXI jointly operates with Global Brain Corporation.


Cellid developed the spatial recognition and analysis software Cellid SLAM, which enables high-speed spatial mapping and self-position estimation, essential for the popularization of AR*. The company also offers a range of other products such as display modules for smart glasses. Cellid SLAM, for example, can be used to accurately estimate 3D positional information from images captured by general-purpose monocular cameras mounted on the helmets of multiple workers, enabling high-speed acquisition of flow line data and real-time monitoring of the workers’ current position. Cellid aims to independently drive the growth of the expanding AR solutions market by leveraging its high-performance software development capabilities and hardware technologies to ensure the adoption of AR technologies by a wide range of clients, including enterprise and consumer customers.

EXI has made this latest investment based on its strong belief in Cellid’s advanced software development capabilities and hardware technologies in the AR market, which is expected to grow going forward. The company is committed to accelerating cooperation and open innovation, thereby creating synergies with existing businesses and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.


■About Epson X Investment

Epson X Investment Corporation is a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firm wholly owned by information equipment and precision instrument manufacturer Seiko Epson Corporation. It established the EP-GB Investment Limited Partnership with independent venture capital firm  Global Brain Corporation, an independent venture capital firm specializing in CVC management, and participates in investment activities.


■About Cellid

Cellid provides both the display module (hardware) and spatial recognition software Cellid SLAM, key components for powering AR glasses, a next generation device. Able to be mounted not only on AR glasses, but also on general-purpose cameras, Cellid SLAM is marketed as an industry-specific solution.

Corporate Profile


Company name Cellid Inc.
Address 5F Pacific Capital Plaza, 4-8-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Satoshi Shiraga
Established October 2016
Business details Development and sales of display modules for AR glasses and spatial recognition software

*: Augmented Reality (AR) refers to technology that superimposes digital information onto a user’s view of the real world. There are two types: Immersive VR (Virtual Reality), which uses only digital information in games and so on; and MR (Mixed Reality), which blends AR and VR.