Epson X Investment Corporation

As part of the MW X EPSON Open innovation programme, EXI and Momentum Works, a Southeast Asia (SEA)-based venture builder company, held a small sharing session with seven startups from SEA (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) in December 2020.

The participating startups are LingoAce, Waste4Change, Honestdocs, Naluri, Gorry Holding, MoBiol Algae, and TrashLucky


The participants discussed development trends and future opportunities of healthtech, edtech, and sustainable development in Southeast Asia.

During the sharing session, Mr. Takahashi Akiharu, COO of EXI, has shared that ‘Regardless of being in present or future, or regardless of the development stage of the country, healthcare, education, and rich environment are extremely important to human beings.  EPSON had all along been a technology company. We hope to deploy its technology to many different sectors to contribute to people’s happiness and better lives.’


The meeting was very fruitful and comprehensive.’


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